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Girls sexy veins

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Are veins sexy?

For me veins is just a normal thing to have to transport blood. It's not sexy. Usually I feels neutral about it.

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But if the person have extremely visible veins like the first picture, I thinks it doesn't look good. A veins veins.

Are veins sexy? - GirlsAskGuys

This girl one time asked me to just send her a picture of my arms, simply because of the veins lol Girls like veins, but like in the 2nd pic. P amateur small breasts LOL lucky girls.

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I like some veins down below but I don't want a guy covered in them. Yeah I love me a man with some veins.

Body Image Double Standard: Men's Veins Are Sexy, Women's Are Not--What Gives? | Glamour

Distribute that blood all over your body babehmmm. Girl's Behavior. I got the few option ;: Vote A.