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3 People Explain What It’s Really Like to Have an Armpit Fetish

IT'S the question that's dividing the nation As the trend of letting underarm hair grow wild becomes more popular, would you bin the razor if it turned out that tuft of hair actually made you sexier? This Morning viewers branded comedian Kate Smurthwaite "disgusting" for proudly giels of her hairy underarms that have been left un-groomed for five years.

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Underarm hair helps us sweat, a completely natural bodily function no matter how much deodorant we use to try and stop it. And armpits sweat is full of sex pheromones, a chemical produced naturally by the body austalian sex pics plays a role in sexual attraction, a top skin doc has revealed.

Armpit fetishism

Dr Wedgeworth said: There are a number of theories floating around. She added: When mixed with bacteria it develops sex own aroma and, just like in animals, and makes us attractive to a potential mate.

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Dr Wedgeworth explained: In other words, your underarm hair wafts your sexy aroma towards your love interest and peaks their interest.