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Ill be your g-a-n-g-s-t-a I told you to come fuck with lil three You good with me lil mama forreal I know its been a long time You know I been wanting it So fuck it is you coming yeah I know I been on your mind Imma keep it g been tryna stick it in your stomach yeah Waking outside when you think im doing you wrong i wont tell nobody You say you never cheated But nikkie minja naked gone naked yo secret but you got gangsta get freaky Turn around when I pull it out She looking back Im standing up her face down That thing super fat I put my finger all in her mouth She aint use to that When I dick you down dont run your mouth ayeee yeaahh Take your clothes off Bitch naked for me Fuck me till you doze off I hope you ready And you might want to turn your phone off Yo nigga petty Ima fuck you up against the wall My dick is?

Ima G-a-n-g-s-t-a Show me what its made of Real street naked girl ain't nun of this made up Your sex is contagious head game crazy I know you got a nigga and I got a ol lady So show me whats its made of.

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Lyrics Gangsta Bitch 2 MO3. Rayona Joycelyn submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct? Gangsta um problema.