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Gangsta bitch fucked

It is a show about dudes being dicks bitch women, dudes who maybe rapped at one point. A good get is a Joe Fucked, slick-talking gigolo whose Twitter infamy has kept him afloat better than his formidable mic skills, or a Stevie J, storied producer for legends like the Notorious B.

Cardi B's 'Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1' Is the First Good Record to Come Out of 'Love and Hip-Hop'

Barring Omarion and Soulja Boy of the Hollywood spinoff, the cast is a loose network of lost dreamers angling for a last or first bit of shine. The typical Love and Hip-Hop season is an endless array of launch parties for songs you never hear again after the credits roll, most of them bad and forgettable.

Ta-ta-ta-licious much?

spread eagle playmate

Personal vendettas rise and fall over middling beats and questionable guest verses; imagine a Storage Wars where all the lockers suck. The principal comedy of the show is how much they all care.

Gangsta Bitch (feat. Fa Sho) testo

In a cable television landscape fucked populated by torrid, scripted performance of reality, Cardi gangsta a reminder of the magical, absurd unpredictability of regular ass people that birthed reality TV in the first place. Her new mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. Sound off in the Facebook comments as you will about whatever flop Olivia or Rasheeda single you favor, or bitch excuses for the shitty solo album Gangsta Budden timed for release in the middle of his first New York season or whatever that Lil Scrappy Tha Grustle situation was that one year.

You could argue for K. Michelle, who cleverly used Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta as free meaty pussy imagefap for her long-overdue Rebellious Soulbut she came to the show with a following. The mixtape is wall-to-wall trap beats and scammer scriptures.

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