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Beauty Bakerie’s Nude-tella Lipsticks Taste Like Nutella, But Don’t Eat Your Makeup

Nutella is a thing of great beauty. So, it makes full that the creamy, hazelnut-chocolate spread has made its way into a hot new beauty product. We knew you'd follow our logic.

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Beauty Bakeriewhich makes treats for your makeup bag in lick-your-lips flavors, delighted sugar fans this month when it nutella the launch of its Nude-tella Matte Liquid Lip Whip Set.

First, a word on Lip Whips.

Beauty Bakerie’s Nutella-Inspired Liquid Lipstick Has Our Mouths Practically Watering

The matte lipsticks are waterproof and smudge-proof — and they really last. In fact, the brand even has a special Lip Whip Remover to nude christine maddox take the product off at the end of the day. The long-lasting effect is that serious, people. The Nude-tella set offers the Whips in four hues, which include dark and medium browns as well as universally flattering nudes.

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And, yes: Just like freshly baked donuts from a nude food truck, Beauty Bakerie's goods tend to sell out fast.