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Fuck cruise

How I Seduce & Fuck Girls! On a Cruise Ship (Video ) - Release Info - IMDb

You may have heard of Desire Resorts from Original Group before…a. Yeah, that one. I was on that ship. And guess what else? It was fucking cruise. The kinky ocean getaway set sail from Venice, Italy, in late September, and spent seven fuck days bopping around the Adriatic, making stops in five "sensual" port cities in Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia, before dropping anchor in Venice once again.

Fuck Tom Cruise

And per Desire tradition, the ship was clothing-optional, super erotic, and very, very sex and alcohol-friendly. An absolutely nuclear combination, my friends. There were just so many naked people, raunchy theme nights, and horny middle-aged couples nudemidgetspics at in public So, in essence, it was like a cruise on steroids. And Viagra.

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It was crowded and loud, so I smiled politely at the staff and grabbed not one, but two glasses of champagne and hastily dumped one of them into my mouth.