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After our split, I made a rule that I'd never think back on anything we did sexually. It sex didn't seem right -- I did not want to be accessing those frustrated But, she was the only woman I was with for 30 years. Three full decades of valery brtinalli nude experiences, locked away forever You realize that's like 12 times Sex can't think about?!

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An exaggeration, of course. Frustrated an honest sentiment. Which I heard a lot from my married friends.

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One of them asked me to lunch after my separation. He said his marriage was teetering, and wanted to know what I was going through. At the end of our conversation, he summed it up like this: But even in couples that are "happily married," it certainly feels like a majority are mismatched sexually.

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Somebody -- often the husband, but definitely not always -- isn't happy. I read about sex a lot online, as I'm constantly seeking articles to aggregate for my website, DivorcedOver And, as you've likely noticed, there's no shortage of sex advice online.