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F reida Pinto has many sensual scenes in the tragedy film Trishnapintonude she is not yet ready for screen nudity. The brief nude scene in her new film Immortals may raise some eyebrows but she says that isn't her. Freida says her first day on set in Montreal was the sex scene and some skin exposure, but she was relieved to find out that she was not going to disrobe for the scene, however tastefully conceived it is.

She found out that the bare bottom onscreen wouldn't be hers. It will be the best butt in Freids.

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I was really happy because it was very flattering. Freids is a 3D butt. It will also be playing at some 4, theatres outside of North America. By then Trishnawhich was unveiled at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, should be out, enjoying an art-house release.

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It has found only a small and independent distributor in North America. The distinguished British director Michael Winterbottom, who has worked homonsexual ethiopian a number of Indian artists such as Om Puri and Pintonude Punjabi in other films, says casting Freida made all the difference. Winterbottom readily admits that he was wowed by his star.