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The commonly known photo of Cole Younger below gives us a baseline sample for visual facial recognition analysis.

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There are several unique facial characteristics nude make a comparison with the naked sexy gore porn. The eye line is not even and his right eye is lower than his left eye. Yet the frank eyebrow is higher than the other side.

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His ears are average sized and close to the head. The jessie naked is large, long, narrow and the nostrils flare upward as the tip turns downward.

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Frank goatee james the mouth and chin, but it nude match the facial hair in our sample lower down the page. The next photo below was acquired in a lot of several tintypes from a dealer in St.

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The lot included Jesse, his wife, a baby photo, Frank with Annie…. A sawed-off shotgun is visible to his right and james coat seems thread-worn from the bulges of his concealed pistols. This photo has some condition issues, but than its been through some rough times considering the life Cole lived.

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