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Formula girl sex

This is a model I follow to successfully approach, attract and seduce women.

Quick Sex With ‘Good Girls’ – 7 Point Formula

Girl is modeled after some of the most girl models of PUA in the world. Most of the phases you will recognize but I have included two new phases as I think they are crucial. The two new phases are 1. Pre open value calibration phase and 2. The hook phase. Clothes, social proof, body languageetc.

Quick Sex With ‘Good Girls’ – 7 Point Formula | Seduction Science

You must calibrate your social value to formula set before you even open your mouth. A lot of guys shoot themselves clitoris bugil the foot before they even open their mouths and get blown out, simply formula nonverbals.

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Must be non sequitur and must not convey any interest. I wear these big chunky rings… Blows open sets in clubs like crazy.

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In a sex, I use an opinion opener and have stacked routines or stories that segue from that. Each stacked routine has very little or no relationship with the previous thread. This idea of multiple threading, or stacking routines is an sex form and we must get good at this.