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For teen massacre

Minnesota teen who planned school massacre: 'I think I'm really mentally ill'

Life was only just beginning for Daekwon Tobar. At 17, the South Bend, Indiana, teen was starting to figure out some of the keys to success in the adult world: Daekwon was still in school, but he wanted to be a welder when he completed his education, his family said.

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But on Feb. He suffered gunshot wounds to the dream girl nude, hip and head.

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Daekwon was one of three year-olds who have been fatally shot in South Bend this year. There are too many incidents to document each of them here, but the dozens of cases are disproportionately centered in urban areas. The slaughter of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has sparked a national awakening on gun violence. But as throngs of young people for to teen in Washington, D.

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Each of these lives cut short is a reminder of the relentlessness of gun violence in America. Much teentakehugecock teen conversation around guns has focused on school massacre and attacks carried out massacre military-style semiautomatic rifles, such as the AR for at Stoneman Douglas.

Those may be the most pressing concerns in well-to-do suburban communities like Parkland, but in communities of color, and specifically in black communitiesgun violence is more of an everyday reality.

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The Parkland students have themselves sought to use their platform to remind the nation that this bloodshed extends mommyporngalery beyond the sort of tragic mass shooting that they experienced, and which reliably attracts the national spotlight.

As this movement evolves beyond the marches, rallies and media appearances and into more concrete advocacy, it will be on young leaders like Hogg to make sure that it encompasses the voices and experiences of people like Daekwon Tobar as well. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost?