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Dear Ann Landers: I am enclosing a copy of one of your columns that gives me a laugh every time I read it.

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Please run it again. Dear Helmet.


The original letter that started all the commotion came from a reader who signed herself ''Lady Godiva. I told her that so long as she was home alone with the draperies drawn, it was perfectly okay to nude her housework in a raccoon pinay nanny nude or naked as a jaybird.

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I consider myself normal and intelligent. As a bride, I was forever sewing torn seams and restitching pockets that had caught on the doorknobs.

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One day a frying pan plopped into football dishwater and soaked me to the skin. I removed my housedress and continued to work with nothing on. I can report only one minor mishap. While ironing a bed sheet I stood too close to the board and burned my stomach.

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