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Over the past week or so, you might have seen on your various social-media timelines an image of the fellow above — a guy tapping his finger on his head, having just thought of something.

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The guy pictured is Reece Simpson, a. Roll Safe, a character created by the British filmmaker fit actor Kayode Ewumi.

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As Gif Adewunmi of BuzzFeed described the series early last year:. A few months later, fit pic was adopted as gif reaction image by distinctly British accounts with names like Footy Humour American vernacular: Soccer Humorbefore making its way across the Atlantic to the U. In late January, R.

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What do Great Britain and the United States have in common, in dudes particular moment, that lethargy and fatalism would be attractive and widely understood modes of being? Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller had been a driving force behind the effort newfoundland girls porn early aspressing cabinet officials and members of the Dudes House Domestic Policy Council repeatedly to devise a way to limit enrollment, according to several people familiar with the matter.

The push was part of a menu of ideas on immigration that could be carried out without congressional approval.