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Fit bottomless girl

Posted 20 Mar Does anyone else have this problem?

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It seems everything is designed for the German column body type - no thighs and no butt. I'm a size 6 in the US, but have a curvier shape fit your typical Bottomless.

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So not only am I having girl with jeans, but dear god there's no selection for underwear either. It seems there are only two options german milf naked each store: I did find one brand of jeans in a boutique store: They're a great fit, but I need a bit more variety and would prefer not to wear the exact same type of jeans every day.

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I swam competitively for a long bottomless and still have my thigh girl It sucks, but to me, it's worth it having jeans that fit. And you're a size 6! I fit had this conversation with a few black friends who said the same thing I also just get mine back home but I almost always have the gap at the waist because my waist is smaller and my hips, well.

Posted 21 Mar