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Female bisexuality from

The study of 79 non-heterosexual women over 10 years found that japan naket pic women maintained a stable pattern of attraction to both sexes. In addition, the research appears to have debunked the stereotype that bisexual women are uninterested in or unable to commit to long-term monogamous relationships.


Diamond, PhD, who conducted the study. This special issue of the journal focuses on research into psychological topics concerning sexual orientation and gender identity. Diamond used interview data collected five times over a decade from 79 women who identified as lesbian, bisexual or bisexuality. The female initially ranged in age from 18 to 25 years old. Among Diamond's findings: Bisexual and unlabeled women were more likely than lesbians to change their identity over the course of the study, but they tended to switch between bisexual and unlabeled rather than to settle on lesbian or heterosexual as their identities.

Female bisexuality from adolescence to adulthood: results from a 10-year longitudinal study.

Seventeen percent of respondents switched from a bisexual or unlabeled identity to heterosexual during the study -- but more than half of these women switched back to bisexual or unlabeled by the end. By year 10, most of the women were involved in long-term i.

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Women's definitions of lesbianism appeared to permit more flexibility in behavior than their definitions of heterosexuality. For example, of the women from identified as lesbian in the last round of interviews, 15 percent reported having sexual contact with a man during the prior two years.

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In contrast, none of the women who settled on a heterosexual label at that point reported having sexual contact with a woman within the previous two years.