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Feces eat sex

Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. Q I'm a straight year-old female who has known my fiance since freshman year of college.

Has my coprophiliac boyfriend gone too far? | Savage Love | Chicago Reader

He has a fetish where he likes to watch women use the cute innocent naked. I knew this, having seen some of his porn early on, and I accepted it.

We all have kinks.

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But while peeing in front of someone isn't eat big of a deal, shitting in front of someone is hard. So we had a lovely night going, when I had to poop. We went into the bathroom together.

10 Reasons It Hurts When You Poop

He got very horny, but I couldn't go. I said I was feces, maybe I'll be more relaxed later, and he goes, "Well, let's fuck in here in case you have to go.

No go. Too hard, so we went sex my room and had amazing sex and smoked a joint. I wanted to have sex again, but he wanted to wait to see if I could go.

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He said, "Drink some coffee! Smoke a cigarette!