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Fat nude burlesque

The Shittest Burlesque I’ve Seen

Fat some time now, on my rounds of the great and the good of cabaret spectaculars, I have found that I dread the mention of burlesque. Will it be satirical? Will it be erotic? Or am I going to suffer through yet another talentless, vintage-loving booty shaker in pasties? For every good burlesquer out there, nude are three fat ones. You have to be comfortable with yourself. Knowing how your body moves is a big part of both the sexiness and the comedy of burlesque.

Confessions of a plus size performer

I can think of few things more irritating than singing out twatparty sex tune, but dancing out of time is a damn nude second. The music is there for a reason, use it. And while we are on the subject of music, please pick something burlesque. Anyone can take their clothes off, I do it every night before I fall burlesque bed, but not anyone can be an ecdysiast.

Meet Fancy Feast, The Burlesque Performer Who Named Herself After Cat Food | HuffPost

Or is it an act of public masturbation, created only for themselves with little thought for the audience that has to watch them? You can tell the difference live, and watching someone work through their self-image issues onstage is modelswithbigboobs and embarrassing.


We want to see your intention, the reason behind the strip. Tease me.

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