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Family guy lewis

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Family Guy is known for its hilariously outlandish characters. Seth Macfarlane's animated sitcom has even managed to create iconic side characters that are voiced by A-list actors who have since passed away, such as Adam West playing the role of Adam Westand Carrie Fisher Playing the role of Peter's boss at Pawtucket Brewery.

Although Stewie is a baby, he is the smartest member of the Griffin house which might not be saying much next to Peter and Chris. Stewie often feels isolated in his intelligence, struggling to adapt in a household that he feels is surrounded by idiots.

Lois Griffin

Luckily he has his pet dog, Brian, to confide in and the two share a strong friendship over mutual intelligence. Stewie is extremely goal-oriented and he will stop at nothing to get the exact outcome that he wants, whether it's killing Lois or successfully creating a time machine.

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He is extremely observant and critical of the rest family his family and often has a dismissive remark to throw at any given person within earshot. While taiwan hot Family Guy guy, we sometimes sit and wonder why the hell Lois has put up with her husband Peter and all his nonsense for so long.

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He is not rich, not warm, not attractive, lewis what gives? Peter Griffin may look like family average middle-aged American dad, yet his mind is that of a giddy toddler. Like many ENFP's he gets amused very easily and will do whatever it takes to keep things entertaining, regardless of lewis much it might set off the rest of his family. While he is easily amused, he is also easily bored which is often the root of what gets him into the most guy.