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Extreme sex posistions

19 Crazy Sex Positions That Have Been Missing From Your Life

When it comes to having sex, it should be a two-way street. Even if an orgasm isn't achievedas sometimes is the case, it doesn't mean that sex can't be pleasurable and extremely satisfying. I mean, that is the point after all, isn't it?

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Kat Van Kirkrelationship and sex expert, tells Bustle. Emotionally, sex can help you learn to open up and become vulnerable with your partner by being willing to try new things and discuss sensitive topics related to your sexuality. Happy and healthy sex lives should always involve exploration and posistions new jill whelan nude. Even if you're not ready to just way out of your comfort zone, a great place to start is with experimenting with new sex positions — especially ones that maximize pleasure for both you and your partner.

Here are nine sex extreme guaranteed to satisfy you both.

The Best Sex Positions For Maximizing Pleasure For Both Partners

How to do it: While on all fours, have your partner, while on their knees, enter you from sex, either with their penis or a sex toy. If you have weak wrists, you can drop down to your elbows and forearms to support you. Also, the more you arch your back in this position, the deeper the penetration. Why it maximizes pleasure for both partners: First of all, the doggy style position remains a favorite across the board.