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Exibitionist couples sex

Sure, many of us have been that couple!

Kissing furiously in public with no shame, as feelings of passion and lust totally take over couples entire being. And while this nauseating act often couples after exibitionist, there are some who continue to find endless thrill when it comes to PDA public mallu sex pussy of exibitionist. There are also people who are totally aroused at the idea of getting hot and heavy in the public eye. Will they get caught? Or will they walk away with a dirty little secret?

One may never know. Join us on a rather interesting chat about doing the hanky panky in public. Exhibitionism is when one gains pleasure, and or has a compulsion to, exposing their genitals to others. And in actuality, this label tends to get a pretty bad rap. This is because we tend to associate it with people wearing oversized trench coats with nothing underneath, roaming the streets and flashing unsuspecting and unwilling spectators. And interestingly, exhibitionism is a broad term that can apply to this, but it can also apply to people who enjoy having sex in public places because there is a theoretical risk of getting caught.

In other words: Yes, there are some regions where you can get away with it as long as there is a sex expectation for privacy — such as sex car sex in an empty parking lot, for example.

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