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Europe men nude

American celebrities have long held the belief that nudity equals death — we thrive on the kind of nip slips, sex scandals and nude selfies that destroy careers. Europeans, on the other hand, are far more mature gujarati porn image it men to showing skin.

No careers were harmed in the making of these images:. The behind-the-scenes video nude he appeared in and the subsequent gifs that came from it are guaranteed to make you scream. It was Gay Times that convinced Olympic speed skater Blake Skjellerup to slip out of his underwear and go commando for a slightly erotic photoshoot with a pair of his skates. He grabbed himself, showed his assand most importantly, used europe issue to talk about his campaign to spread positive energy at the Olympic Games in Russia.

Not to be outdone by his diving bro-friend, Team GB diver Jack Laugher took off his clothes and pretty much set his entire ass on the camera lens in his own special issue of Gay Times last December, earning him the scientifically europe He men posed from the front in the, though we like the view from the back much better.


Feel free to linger. If it comes, it comes. Soap actor Philip Olivier took his clothes off for an amazing page spread in Attitude back in February, and confessed it would probably be one nude his last sexy photoshoots.

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