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Posted on Tuesday, September 4th, by Steven Prokopy. Based on the novel by Atkhairypussy Hornbythe film is charming, funny and gives Hawke the chance to use images of nude from younger days in very amusing ways.

The film is part reality, part legend, part remembrance primarily by Foley friend Townes Van Zandt, portrayed by musician Charlie Sexton. I saw it at Sundance and like it hawke a bit, but I just re-watch Juliet, Naked recently and think I may have even liked it more the second time around.

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He is actually the heart of the film, because the essence is, in loving something that much, you win. Ethan whole speech to us in the kitchen is my favorite scene in the movie.

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His last line in that scene about not caring what you think about your music is such a slap in the face. Speaking of loving music, having spent so much time in Austin over the last 20 years, I know people who love that live recording that Blaze Foley did at the Wierd nude gifs. Give me a little bit of your history with him.

How did you first hear him?