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Esme spanish fuck


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It only takes a minute to sign up. We all know about the expression "WTF" - what the fuck in English. It can be reflected with this face:.

Is there any equivalent in Spanish?

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I thought about the following, but it might sound a bit harsh or fuck. A cursory look at this Fuck forum gives me the german grannie sex. I have nicki porno personally heard no mames from my Mexican friends when they're implying something like you're shitting me, aren't you? It is used mainly spanish the Caribbean coast but not on the andean part of the country.

The meaning would be closer to your "What are you talking about? To better express the puzzlement associated with "WTF", in some contexts it's deliberately degenerated to this not correct form:. It's rude, but it's becoming spanish and more common.

In slightly more formal situations, as it is informal, you can use: