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However, this was not the first time that Jennifer has posed topless for a magazine shoot.

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Hence, it came as no surprise when talk show host and good friend Ellen DeGeneres addressed the topic with Jen. Ellen simply asked Jennifer if she enjoys xxxthai teens naked, to which, the actress' immediate response was, "I love it.

Ellen, Jennifer proudly added, "I'm not ashamed of that, no - no one should be!

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Like we needed another reason to love America's sweetheart! It's hard to imagine how gorgeous and evergreen Jennifer looks even at During her Harper's Bazaar interview, Jennifer stressed about how she feels that our bodies are beautiful and we should have no qualms about celebrating and being comfortable in them, no matter degeneresnude the age.

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We adore Jennifer Aniston and how! Degeneresnude Hepatitis from sex Here's what Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie's one and only conversation was about.

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Meanwhile, during the same interview, Ellen asked Jennifer about the possibility of a Friends reunion to which the actress stated that she would love to be a part of the legendary sitcom. Jen also revealed that the rest of the ellen members would be up for it as well.

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Now, we just have to wait for a when and where.