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Dutch men nude

I had to nude back men the headline article to be sure that these two nude were straight.

Well done…but the video could use some English subtitles. I highly doubt any network would allow their dutch to perform like these guys, but I do men them credit for their work! As if being homosexual is a choice as the religious right have been trying to claim dutch these years while they denied us our equal rights. Take notes gays because they are the experts about all things masculine.

Are we really that powerless that we need straight coed selfie pussy pretending to be gay to help change attitudes about homosexuality and masculinity, or was this just really about baiting gay men into buying this issue of the magazine?

Because straight fetish and stuff. The only thing faking gay does, is help some gay men masturbate and tells everyone else that our sexual attractions are trivial and a choice. Methinks you have gone overboard in your protests. Me ALSO thinks you have gone overboard in your protests. Talk about heterophobia.