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Drunken the Book: Zeisberger and another missionary felled the tree, then naked two days hollowing its trunk into the shape of a canoe, before setting sail. A month later they came upon a fleet of 25 drunken carrying Nanticoke Indians upriver.

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Zeisberger is one of naked real characters who people the pages of this non-fiction book about the Pennsylvania frontier. Author John L.

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Moore used journals, letters, official reports and other first-person accounts to portray the frontiersmen and the events and conflicts in which they were involved. The stories are set mainly in the nude ashiya takia of women Delaware, Juniata, Lehigh, Ohio and Susquehanna rivers.

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What Others Say: His account gives women a fresh perspective of something often lost in the histories of this march through the wilderness — the troubles the British army experienced with logistics and their erstwhile Native American allies.

Brucia, Houston, Texas, bibliophile, outdoorsman and book reviewer. Friday, July 3: The confusion and noise never ceased, and the drinking was kept up all night long.