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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: With the passing of her father, Rosemary is forever a changed girl by her druggedsex astute love. Forever feeling his lingering presence and need for his affirmation and desire to be closer to him through out her adolescent years. Now Rosemary's only connection to her father and his family is through her alluring uncle who she has scarcely seen since her father's death.

Can she handle the horrific truth of her fathers family and uncle and what slumbers deep within herself that she's ignored and denied. Putting her morality on the firing line while navigating her chaotic family relationships and social life.

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Will Rosemary give into her inner indulgence druggedsex move beyond and carve a life for herself and find her own sense of belonging. Well this is my first time posting on this site.

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I'm a long time furry writer, tend to write erotica so story and sex when druggedsex makes sense for the story. Anyway I don't often do fan fiction but I had an idea for a short Zootopia story series, it's actually centred around a new character, jessica cunningham nude his main interactions are with Chief Bogo and Nick. I particularly wanted to develop the Chief's character as he was rather a thin 2d character in druggedsex film, he had a lot of potential but came off more as a stereotype so I wanted to cover some back story entirely made up by me to give some of his actions reason, beyond that he hates bunnies.

Sukea is on a mission in Spice Country when he's attacked by ANBU and forced into heat as they attempt to steal his Sharingan eye and who knows druggedsex else.