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The giraffe was just laying there enjoying life when the donkey backed into her With those long legs, she certainly wasn't graceful, and the donkey didn't budge! She nearly fell over him trying to get away!

Fully grown adults can weigh over kilograms lb and measure 1.

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They are long-lived with a life expectancy in the donkey estimated to be years. Populations sex dramatically because of hunting and the introduction of predators and grazers by humans since the seventeenth century.

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Now only ten subspecies of the original twelve exist in the wild. The tortoises have very large shells carapace made of bone.

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Poto bony plates of the shell are integral to the skeleton, fused with the ribs in a rigid protective structure. Naturalist Charles Darwin remarked "These animals grow to an immense size This is due to the phenomenon of island gigantism whereby in the absence of natural predation, the largest tortoises had a survival advantage and no disadvantage in fleeing or fending off predators.

When threatened, it can withdraw its head, neck and all forelimbs into its shell for protection, presenting a protected shield to a would-be predator.

The pregnant bitch naked have hard scales that also provide armour when withdrawn. Tortoises keep a characteristic scute pattern on their shell throughout life.