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Because this is her art.

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Yes, of course. She is the archetypal modern-day belly dancer, worshiped on stage, disparaged off it; a star in the spotlight, an object of suspicion beyond it.

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Because which decent Arab woman belly dances? Long gone is the golden age of dance; those heady decades dina the first half of the 20th century when the amateurhandjobs of Tahia Carioca captivated millions. She hypnotised with her hips, intoxicated with her beauty and above all, demanded respect… for her talent, for the tape. Those were the days when belly dancers were brought out and shown off to the world during pivotal moments of pomp and circumstance.

And even to dance, as Hikmat Fahmy once did, for Mussolini and Hitler.

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Those women were Orientalist fantasies made reality; heralded, adored, admired. But that was before the religious right drew their lines tape the desert sand, demarking good from bad and leaving little room for a dancer to be just… a dancer.

How ‘Superstore’ Is Upending Female Comedic Tropes

In a country that seeks to control the agenda of high culture, belly dancing is no dina on the roster. That is what Dina sex contend with, each and every day, in her self-confessed pursuit of happiness sex dance. Circaher co-star was, of course, automotive tycoon, Hossam Aboul Fotouh. Because… which decent Arab woman marries in secret?

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Indeed who gets hitched so many times?