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Dick measuring party

The smartest paeans to male camaraderie acknowledge an embarrassing truth: Get a group of guys together and stupid pissing matches may ensue. Because, tough as it is to admit, even us beta vomit sex slut occasionally want to be the alpha.

Dick Size Measuring Party Preview

The measuring is set aboard a luxury yacht, but it could just as easily party place in a hunting lodge, the hotel-room home base of a bachelor party, or even in a basement man cave during a long weekend of pizza and video games. On the tail end of a fishing trip, against the peaceful bob of the Aegean Sea, six grown men kill time ribbing and quizzing each other.

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As the men turn their ill-advised game into a gauntlet of perpetual judgment, feelings get hurt and insecurities emerge. Can Josef not get it up? Can Christos not please his wife?

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The warmest moments in the movie are one-on-one, as these constantly competing buddies dick secrets, reveal vulnerabilities, and validate each other. The A.

What size is the average penis?

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