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Devirginizing vagina

Did my previous masturbation de-virginize me? | Scarleteen

Your first time having sex doesn't have to be painful. There are two main tales that get spun around having sex for the first time. One, that as long vagina you have sex with the right person, it'll be magical and beautiful.

And two, no matter who you have sex with for the first time, it's bound to be awkward and painful as hell.

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But, which tale is true? Well, it's hard to say. Having sex for the first time is so personal that there's no way of knowing if you'll have a magical experience, an awkward experience, or both. As for the pain? That doesn't have to happen.

Did my previous masturbation de-virginize me?

Whether or not having sex for the first devirginizing is painful depends partially on a person's individual anatomy. Some people who have vulvas naturally gray haired pussy more hymenal tissue than others, according to Planned Parenthoodso penetrative sex — meaning penis-in-vagina sex, fingering, or using an internal sex toy like a dildo or devirginizing — might be more painful for them than others because it can stretch the hymen.

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Someone might also experience more pain during sex if they have a condition like vulvodyniawhich causes chronic pain around the opening of the vagina. Doe says.

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She suggests reaching out to a clinical sexologist, who can help you work through ways to make sex feel better. Barring issues with anatomy, sex can also vagina if either you or your partner aren't ready or haven't been taught how to make sex pleasurable for everyone involved.