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Top-11 Beautiful Somali Women. Photo Gallery

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Everybody Loves Ceval: View this post on Instagram. Who am I? For the Somali-Norwegian, curvy, transgender modeldefining herself isn't easy.


She's in a state of constant evolution; she ticks all of the boxes and none of them. Her open-ended identity makes her a recipe for stardom in somali fashion industry, but in the real world, it's a different story. It's not often someone like Ceval comes along, partly because the modeling business doesn't reserve spaces for people like her, but also because she's an anomaly in multiple ways.

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She's dark-skinned, she self-identifies as plus-sizeand she's transgender — three categories that are underrepresented in women fashion industry. In this sense, she's a triple threat, but her personality, easily discernible from her poses, her street styleand her Instagram captions, gives her even more of an advantage.