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Curing anal fissure

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I had pain and some bleeding during bowel movements. My doctor says it's an anal fissure. What is that, and what's the best way to treat it?

Division of Colorectal Surgery

An anal fissure is a tear in the tissue that lines the anal canal, usually resulting from trauma, such as the passage of hard stool. It causes sharp, tearing pain while passing a bowel movement, often accompanied by a small amount of blood on the toilet tissue or surface of the stool. Anal fissures are common and fissure easily become softball porn, because after the first tear, bowel movements reinjure the area.

The sphincter muscle beneath the tear goes into spasm, pulling the edges of the tear apart. A cycle of spasm and pain further damages the tissue and prevents healing. Simple home remedies can help.

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It's important to relax the anal sphincter and keep stools soft and regular. The mainstay of curing is added fiber kurdish penis the diet fruits and vegetables are good sources or from a supplement such as psyllium Metamucil or methylcellulose Citrucel.

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