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Cum party hostess

I had just finished going through a really nasty divorce, now single again I intended to remain so for a considerable amount of time. It didn't alleviate the frustration and desire of course, which had grown even more intense of late, no longer knowing you had access, even when most of the time you really didn't.

Cum Party Hostess

I had always enjoyed masturbating of course, going back as far as I could remember, finding pleasure in doing so, often even during the years when women were suddenly plentiful, or when the aspect of marriage party guaranteed some form of release.

Even then, especially then, pleasuring myself became paramount to maintaining my sanity.

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But still I was alone now. Even having the freedom shamita shetty topless browsing through hundreds of erotic photos if I felt like it, didn't bring about the excitement hostess level of desire I so needed, wanted, and lacked.

So out of touch with the party scene as it were, the awkwardness of first meets, the knowledge of cum, yet playing the gentlemen, waiting games wondering if and when something would or wouldn't happen.

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I was miserable. Quite by accident I stumbled across a blog where the subject was about masturbation.

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I read with renewed interest and excitement as many there posted comments about similar feelings and expressions so similar to cum own. I certainly wasn't alone in my hostess, but I was still lonely.