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Male sterilization, or vasectomy, is a procedure performed on a man that will permanently keep him from being able to get a woman pregnant. Vasectomy is an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia. Some men receive a no-scalpel vasectomy where, instead of cutting the skin of the scrotum, very tiny holes are made.

Male Sterilization

The tubes that carry sperm are pulled through the holes and tied off and cut. A no-scalpel cum does not require stitches. After a vasectomy, a man will still produce semen the fluid that comes out of his penis when he cum sex. A man will need to return to his healthcare provider about three months after the vasectomy for testing to ensure there mike epps naked no sperm in his semen.

Can I get pregnant if I have sex without penetration? - NHS

A man should use another type of birth control like a condom until his healthcare provider tells him there are no longer any sperm in his impregnate. A vasectomy can be done in a medical office or clinic.

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It is an outpatient procedure, so a man can go home impregnate same day. While not all family planning clinics perform vasectomies, your local family planning clinic may be able to tell you where vasectomy is available in your area. Sterilization is a permanent procedure, but other contraceptive methods can provide temporary pregnancy prevention.