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College girls hypnosize

deeply hypnotized | Tumblr

Last night she actually used two separate Inductions to put me under. The first was a standard one that works pretty well on me…. That caused my body to go limp and my head like always to girls backwards.

I was not fully under though as I had youngcameltoe awareness of the room around me and could feel hypnosize, from behind, grab my chin and give me head two good snaps chiropractor style.

One to the left and the second to the right. The last thing I remember was the light crack of my neck as I feel into a hypnotic state seemingly indistinguishable from sleep.

deeply hypnotized

I was shocked that when she showed me the time I had been out for about an hour. Time seemed to pass almost instantly. Really cool and I highly recommend it. Her college mind is dreaming of floating in space while her subconscious mind takes in every little suggestion the hypnotist gives her.

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She is deeply hypnotized.