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Cocuk filmi teen

A lot of movies about teenagers tend to delve into the darker side of being a teen.


And although some of these portrayals are met with posing teen naked reactions, cocuk are surrounded by a bit of controversy teen mixed responses from viewers and critics alike. From "Heathers" to "Kids," here are nine of the darkest or most controversial teen movies that have been released in the past few decades.

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Editor's note: This post deals with topics like sexual assault and violence that could be disturbing to some readers. It filmi contains spoilers for the films. Teenage angst comes with a body count in the pitch-black comedy "Heathers. Many viewers already felt cocuk ending was pretty bleak Slater's character blows himself up after his attempt to bomb the school was thwarted but the original ending could've been different.

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Writer Daniel Waters told Topless Robot that the original script called for Slater's character to successfully blow filmi the high school and then the film would depict the deceased students at a prom in heaven. Director Michael Lehmann teen Broadly that studio executives refused to make the movie unless the ending was changed. He said executives worried that "blood would be on [their] hands" if anyone attempted to emulate the film's content.