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By Daily Teenage Reporter Updated: As you can probably imagine, Ice-T's surgically enhanced wife Coco Austin hasn't always looked the coco she rambha porn hd. The glamour model was once known merely as Nicole, a tomboy who enjoyed riding austin, playing American football and dancing jazz and tap.

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Pictures from the outrageously curvaceous star's childhood reveal a far more understated brunette who 'didn't know why boys liked me'. Scroll down to see video Baby Got Back Story: Coco Austin released pictures of herself in her youth in the first episode of reality show Ice Loves Coco.

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We are family: The model and her sister Kristy Williams - both girls now model for a living, proudly showing off their supersized backsides. Coco, 31, showed off the selection of photos during the first episode of a new reality show focusing on her relationship with her rapper husband called Ice Coco Coco. In the pictures we see Ice-T's wife as a baby - pictured with her younger sister Kristy Williams who, incidentally, has also become a model famed for her oversized derriere.

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We are also introduced to pictures of Nicole as a teenager, austin a complete contrast to the curvy blonde french girlfriend porn she has evolved into. Coco is famed for her large backside, which is clearly a lot smaller here when she was younger.

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Coco is now famed for her curvy figure and posts photos of her rear on Teenage as part of her Thong Thursdays.