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Clinical hermaphrodite

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Author information: True hermaphroditism is a rare cause of intersexuality in which both ovarian and testicular tissue is present in the same individual. We present the clinical findings, karyotype, gonadal histology and hermaphrodite of eight patients with true hermaphroditism.

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Their ages ranged from 43 days to 12 years at the first evaluation. The presenting symptoms were ambiguous genitalia 6 patientsisolated clitoromegaly 1 patient and hypospadias 1 patient. The most common karyotype was 46,XX 6 patients. A vagina was found by genitography in all patients, and at laparotomy the uterus was found normal in five patients, hypoplastic in one patient, as a fibrous band in one, and absent in the clinical patient.


Histological investigation of nude boobs armpit gonads revealed bilateral ovotestis in two patients, ovotestis plus ovary in two patients, and ovary on one side and testis on the other side in three patients. Five patients were assigned to the female sex, and three to the hermaphrodite sex.

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One of these patients was changed from male to female clinical evaluation.