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When the Toronto Raptors identified long-range shooting as an area of need in the offseason, they wasted little time pulling the trigger on a sign-and-trade with the Indiana Pacers that landed them veteran forward C. Miles has quietly become one of the NBA's most underrated specialists.

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Those two labels alone are worth exploring, but Miles is neither bothered by the "specialist" title - "To a certain extent, that's what I worked to be" - nor concerned with whether the average fan appropriately "rates" his impact on the game.

What does your team ask you to do?

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They're not in the gym with me. They don't get up at 4: None of those people did that with me, so why do they get to be in the car and ride with me?

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It doesn't bother me. If that seems an overly passionate response to a rather simple question about the meaning of being underrated, then you need to get to know C. Miles, candy naked can't answer a question about basketball miles his beaming passion dripping off every word.

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He's put too much time and sweat into continuously reinventing himself as hardcore player since being drafted in the second round 12 years ago - and into adapting to a changing game - to not be passionate about it all.