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Member Posts: I have had a few students in all my years of teaching who have fingers so thick that they find it impossible piano play certain chords. Today one of my students needed to play C octaves with a G in between and he physically cannot play the G because his fingers cannot fit inbetween the F and G.

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He can curl extreme contortion more like it his finger so it works but it is totally unacceptable because of the strain it chubby him an as a teacher I can notice that no amount of practice in that formation would be healthy or even has the chance to improve! So far because Pspthemenudegirls have no solution for this I have always omitted notes so that they can play predominantly what should be played and maintain a normal feel to their playing.

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This is the same thing we do when people with tiny hands cannot play certain intervals, it doesn't white really if we change things to suit french girlsnude hands. So can people who have lived with their thick fingers tell me about their piano journey and maybe some tricks that helped you deal with your challenge? Even mention specific pieces or chords or whatever. I'm sure that there are situations where its not appropriate though, or where a pianists fingers are simply too thick for it to change anything.

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