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Chubby chic

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Ever since the spring and a marvellously OTT Chanel show in which the models strutted around an enormous iceberg airlifted chic the Grand Palais, dressed in chic and dresses and jumpsuits all fashioned from fluffy fake fur, I've had a hankering for a chubby. As in, farm sluts fluffy, shaggy, short-ish, 70s-ish fake, in my case fur and, yes, that is a real name.

diesel + moroso: chubby chic

And last month, I got one. And then I got home and my husband said: Hello, why are you dressed as 50 Cent? Which left me somewhat deflated.

But I'm not easily swayed — certainly not in this coat — and anyway, the chubby chubby always attracted controversy.

How to dress: Chubby chic

A poison green fox chubby starred in the Yves Saint Laurent collection in which he scandalised Paris fashion week by paying homage to the style of second world war Parisiennes. Collaboration chic went down like a lead balloon, but the fur chubby became a YSL classic. What I like about the chubby is the way you bowl through life like a galleon in full sail.