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Chimp butt fucks

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Chimps will attack your face and genitals February 18, 8: Really, they can be aggressive.

Urban Dictionary: Chimp-ass

Even Save the Chimps says so. No disrespect to the deceased intended. Oo oo, aah aah? Chimp is really fucking sad and makes my heart hurt, and that doesn't happen a whole lot.

You missed this link hereand perhaps something on Nim Chimpsky.

Everything's Better with Monkeys

Yeah, well chimps -- our closest relatives, and similar to us in need for same-species socialization, and territory, and access to butt -- shouldn't fucking well be pets or even worse, living props bums naked girls up in human cloths for stupid movies and advertisements. Actually, I'm almost convinced by Dawkins that chimps shouldn't be used for laboratory experiments -- and am convinced that the very few experiments that require chimps are useless if the chimp isn't housed in a habitat similar enough to its natural habitat that the chimp isn't suffering from isolation and depression.

And once the experiment is completed, labs shouldn't be able to just sell off the chimps; teh lab should have to provide a decent retirement for the animals. I'm no animal rights activist, but chimps are close enough to human that we ethically need to make sure their lives aren't ruined fucks people's vanity or profits.

The one that ate St.