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August 5, 5: After the accolades and the soul-searing testimonials of the Emmy-winning Carrie Grandin, Claire Danes reached a crossroads.

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The movie offers were piling up, but Temple Grandin touched something inside her. The last thing she wanted to do next, she decided, was play the girlfriend or wife in a superhero movie opposite a giant cockroach in a fat suit.

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The pay-cable channels are the new big players in the Hollywood studio system and, increasingly, a new haven for prominent, high-profile actors looking for something other than a paycheque with plenty of zeros. For Danes, that meant signing on as CIA operative Carrie Anderson in the new Showtime espionage thriller, Homelandabout a missing-in-action soldier who returns home after an ill-fated mission in the Middle East.

Homeland will premiere alongside the return of Dexter, on Oct.

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Homeland was written and produced by longtime amature tits out executive producer Howard Gordon, and reunites several writers from the filmed-in-Vancouver X-Filesincluding Danes Gansa and Chip Johannessen, along with Rubicon nude Brotherhood writer Henry Bromell. Increasingly, dramatic actors are opting for roles in HBO films such as Temple Grandin or Too Big to Failrather than taking a flyer on a studio summer blockbuster.

I just gravitate to the most interesting work, and this piece was impossible to ignore. I watch it on DVD, or I record it. And I find I watch television like I read a novel. You get to curse a lot.