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In DecemberEl Mahdy and two other female Ukrainian activists protested nude in front of the Egyptian embassy in Stockholm nudist attempts to show their opposition to the Egyptian constitution and the caravan of deposed President Mohamed Morsi. Egyptian blogger and AUC alumna Salma Hegab said that the truth is that most people are not actually concerned with vital issues and that involving nudity is just a way to garner attention.


Femen was founded in by Ukrainian activist Anna Hutsol. InUkrainian police accused Femen of having weapons in their Kiev office. As a result, the Kiev office shut down and the organization moved to Paris.

Samira Ibrahim also protested in Tahrir but rose to the fore as a result of an entirely different set of circumstances.


This discrepancy has been one of the critiques targeting El Mahdy — her perpetual rise to infamy. El Tahawy rejects criticism of El Mahdy as having hurt the January 25 revolution or discrediting the causes for which millions took to Tahrir Square.

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Sallam believes that it sex illogical to think that El Mahdy could have nudist much of a positive difference. Her nude protesting caravan caught public attention worldwide; however; whether it is for all the right or wrong reasons remains interracial porn toons. There are both detractors and supporters cindy taylor milf her actions and the debate is unlikely to be resolved quickly.

Nudity as Freedom of Expression or Crossing the Line?

In August, El Mahdy posted a nude photo of herself crouching over sex Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS flag and menstruating, while another person was crouching next to her wearing an abaya Islamic robe and defecating over the flag. This graphic image bred controversy online with rumors circulating in social media that she had now become a target of Islamist extremists.

With additional reporting by Omnia Farrag El Sayed.