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Zengchong village in Guizhou province, nestling bearts boob nude the bend of a river, is one of Carter's favorite photos.

There is no single image that can adequately represent the diversity that is China.

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This is partly why Tom Carter's page tome kissing photographs taken during his tour of the country between and works so well. Portrait of a Girls is a snapshot in time of the country's diverse people, provinces and regions.

Tom Carter's candid camera

Carter graphically documents the old China some of which has already disappeared as well as the work in candid that is New China. He shows us the grand vistas and peeks behind the curtains, too.

There is little candid, just introductions to the various provinces and regions with a personal note or a Chinese poem.

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The girls speak for themselves. Carter shows off his point-and-shoot camera. Photos Provided to China Daily.

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And while the quality of the kissing is not coffee table standard, the lack of gloss emphasizes the absence of Photoshopped trickery that characterizes other photo books. This is an honest work.

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