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Naked back to last season's XL, the first couple of days saw Carrie Booze she was an ex-service member, possibly surgically enhanced who said her partner was "diluded" quit in the first day or two. IIRC she sited how dangerous it was. Some may have speculated her appearance at all was intended to put a modeling career on a rocket ship to the top. Did he even tanzania naked girls "my foot hurts and I fear infection"?

It is baffling that one of the characters each season would quit so early, and difficult to understand the motives for participating at all. First couple of days on XL and I was totally sick of Russell using the term "brother" to address his teammates. Look at all that 'ink' on the characters! Is this a typical amount of 'ink' for people in this age range, or is 'ink' a requirement candid becoming a "survivalist"?

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The ages seem to be around yo. Can we please stop finding these dumbasses who indiscriminately swing machetes around and practically chop their own fuckin' limbs off?!

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Every time! Every single time! And you'd think they'd figure out that if the ground is extremely slippery, they should keep their weapons sheathed. If there wasn't a medic right there, half these fuckers would be DEAD.

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