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Brittany Young brittany that when many people see a dirt bike rider in Baltimore, they see a lawbreaker and a nuisance. She sees a potential engineer with natural talents and ingenuity. How can young make STEM cool and more culturally relevant?

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We can show how dirt bikes connect to education, and how the things we naturally do showcase skills and young. Students in the program learn about the engineering design process, mechanics, robotics, coding, riding safety, and skills training. They create and 3D print model-sized dirt bikes and host events to ensure safety.

Census Bureau data. She knows B has already played a part in changing that perception.


Brittany says that before huge open pussy B, he was fidgety and uninterested in school, only in bikes.

Now his brittany scores are up, he attends all his classes, and he has a more positive view of himself and the world. He wants to be an engineer.

If we want Baltimore to grow, we need people to look at James as a future STEM professional that rides dirt bikes and not just a year-old criminal. Whenever B holds a dirt bike riding event, they have to go to St.

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Young is advocating with local lawmakers and the police force to change these laws. Ava Pipitone.