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It ain't easy being a rebel when your old man is Peter Fonda. But Bridget Fonda has tried to blaze her own trail in the same industry where dad, aunt Jane Fondaand granddad Henry Fonda became stars. Bridget also threw her light body into the role of Eleanor Lightbody in The Road to Wellvillewhere her topless bathtub scene leads many a viewer to rub-a-dub-dub his nub.

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And her topless debut in Aria has been a skintastic classic for a decade and fonda half. Bridget played a bong-sucking, ill-fated beach bunny in Jackie Brown amator turk porn brought her skinful can to A Simple Plan as Bill Paxton 's pregnant, crazed wife.

Kiss of the Dragon - as Jessica. A Simple Plan - as Sarah Mitchell. Jackie Brown - as Melanie. The Road to Wellville - as Eleanor Lightbody.

Has Bridget Fonda ever been nude?

Point of Naked Return - as Maggie. Single White Female - as Allison Jones. Leather Jackets - as Claudi. The Godfather: Brdiget - as Mandy Rice-Davies.