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Brazilian aliyah

Record 700 Brazilians to make aliyah in 2016, says Jewish Agency

For four years, Ilana Lermer Kalmanovich rode a aliyah and crowded bus three hours each day to reach the Aliyah University of Rio de Janeiro, where she was pursuing degrees in physical education and nutrition. Police raids into nearby slums, or favelas, often blocked the freeway, and stray bullets from gun battles with criminals were a constant threat.

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Even on the Federal University campus, the oldest and among the most prestigious in Brazil, Kalmanovich felt unsafe. Robberies were commonplace and, every now then, corpses were found in the nearby woods.

Why hundreds of Brazilian immigrants are flocking to this Israeli suburb

So inKalmanovich moved to Israel. She had spent a whole year there tuba naked pictures decade earlier on brazilian youth movement program and fallen in love with the country.

And though she holds German citizenship and could have built a new life for herself in Europe, there was never any doubt she would make her home in the Jewish state. Everyone shares mostly the same social and economic level. We brazilian celebrate the same national holidays. Here I am the rule, not the exception.